Could Facebook like and Tweet Buttons be used on physical installation?

These days, it is a must for each website to integrate a Facebook like and Tweet Button. These buttons are great for linking webpages with social networks, they provide an easy and straightforward way to share with your friends a web link and more.

Therefore, Are these buttons limited to be used in webpages? Can we use them on physical installations? are these technologies open?

Well, the answer is: it is possible to do that with Facebook like Button but not yet for Tweet Button.

I quote from Twitter documentation: “…in this early stage of the Tweet Button the count API is private.  As our systems scale we will look to make the count API public for developers to use…”

Meaning that, we still have to wait sometime until Twitter opens the Tweet Button so we will be able to use it in other applications beside integrating it within a webpage. I hope they have it done pretty soon!

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