The unknown market of iPhone Apps

As I iPhone Developer many questions came to my mind when I first started writing apps. Searching on the web I wasn’t able to find information about the iPhone app market, specific information on how good independent developers were doing, if they were earning any money and so on.

One year later and with three iPhone apps on the market, I think I have finally found the answer to all my questions.. and I am gonna try to summarize few ideas in here. I hope it will help you on your iPhone experience!

Develop an iPhone app because you want to use a new media to present services/products, because you want to learn a new platform, because you want to have fun and lastly because if possible you want to earn some money. Looking at the following numbers at May 2011 (source you can see who is really doing business: Apple by keeping 30% of our sales.

  • 15 billion iPhone apps downloads
  • 500,000 iPhone Apps approved by Apple (37% are free, average price 3.64$)
  • 8,700$ Average Revenue per application
  • 50,000 iOS developers
  • 3,64$ Average Price per app

Of course we can find very successful iPhone apps on the App Store! there are some superstars iPhone Developers out there earning a lot of money, overall in games and utility apps. But according to few sources like this 90% of apps that go on sale in the App Store don’t even make back the money it cost to produce them.

There are a lot of independent developers who have always dreamt of working by themselves. Apple is given them an opportunity to do it with the App Store. Apple takes care of the commercialization side and independent developers put their creativity and efforts in iPhone apps. After more than 500,000 apps approved on the Store the competition is pretty hard and the chances of even getting back the invested money are low.

I hope you will use this info to make the most of your iPhone development adventure! Looking forward to see some changes in the smartphone world soon….

Good Luck!

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